Free Resource: Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers for Minor Children 


A temporary childcare designation will allow you to designate a person to care for your child in an emergency or when leaving your child with someone for a short or extended period of time. Temporary means that this time period is for no longer than 6 months at a time. We suggest family members or friends who live close by and could temporarily care for your child(ren). This allows you to have someone care for them in the least disruptive way to your child(ren)s routine(s). This is not intended for or sufficient for crossing across state-lines or out of the country–– in which case you should seek attorney guidance.

This free resource is a short questionnaire designed for one child at a time. If you have multiple children you will want to fill one out for each of them. If you have joint custodial duties it is best, if possible, to have both signatures and in which case, you will fill out the questionnaire as “joint”. When you’ve finished it will populate a document for you to download, sign, and get notarized. You can usually get notarizations done at your bank.

Let us know if you have any questions and we hope this is helpful to you in a time of need.

Click here to access the free resource.